Fuji Pro 400H

This week, Fuji announced it will discontinue my favourite analog film: Fuji Pro 400H. I’m very sad…

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Ryokō netsu – Japan

Japan had been on my list of places to visit since I was young. It turned out to be everything I…

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The Trouw Book

TrouwAmsterdam, which has grown to become one of the World's most beloved venues, will officially…

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The five members of Malawi Job Jobse, Luc Mast, Andrei Vilcov, Arif Malawi and Yuri Leijdsman


Some time ago I took some shots of the terrific Malawi (Andrei Vilcov / Arif Malawi / Job Jobse /…

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Close up of the red dot on a Leica M6

The courtship of a Leica

A couple of months ago, I was filing some papers. Well, I call it filing, but jamming even more…

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Holiday photography

When I look up from the screen while I’m writing this, I’m looking out over a Ligurian valley. The…

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Andy Warhol sitting in a chair with a cat

Cats in art

As most of us know, besides porn, the Internet gravitates towards cats. That, among many things, is…

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Lize Korpershoek

Right as Grain

Last week I came across a beautiful image by André Kertész. Capturing urban life, Kertész…

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Getting over Camera Shyness

Exactly one month ago, I asked people to participate in a little portrait project. I had put out…

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TrouwAmsterdam Dancefloor

A photograph as a token of absence

Nightclub TrouwAmsterdam will be banning party photographers. I wrote a piece for their blog with…

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Have your portrait taken

The coming months I will be working on several documentary projects. I'm really looking forward to…

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Sharing Paths by Ruben Brulat

A week or so ago, I received a package in the mail containing a new photo book by Ruben Brulat:…

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Interview with Alex Prager

Below is an interview with Alex Prager which I did in 2012 for copypasteculture, platform for…

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Experimenting with Cinestill 800T film

Last month I had my first try with Cinestill film. Cinestill is motion picture cinema film…

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Interview with Rineke Dijkstra

Below is an interview I've done with Rineke Dijkstra for TrouwAmsterdam in 2012. "A nightclub is a…

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Douglas Gordon’s two channel Play Dead; Real Time at MoMA

Top three cultural highlights of New York City

My trip to NYC last month had several distinct highlights. Let me run you through them. Douglas…

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