In 1980, Martijn Savenije was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

After completing his Masters degree in International Business Studies from Maastricht University School for Business and Economics, he started his career in consultancy.

In parallel, his fond interest in photography lead him to take photography assignments since 2007 and mid-2011 he founded, a now-defunct platform for visual culture.

Martijn Savenije
Martijn Savenije. Photo © Adam Wilson

After several years of applying his creative competence in branding and campaigns in the commercial sector and for NGOs, he nurtured his entrepreneurial mind-set in start-up environments.

Since 2014, Martijn has been combining his background in international business and passion for creativity. He has been leading creative teams in a Fortune 500 company, responsible for copywriting, photography, video and production.

As a result, he has steered creative direction of shoots on all continents, ranging from large-scale to high-value and bespoke.

Ever since becoming a father, he spends too little time with his camera in hand. Now, his free time is mostly spent his family, or on sports, music and enjoying the arts.

Yet, he is very open to collaborations. Please feel free to reach out via the contact form.